Ever wished for a bedtime solution that worked as well as taking the baby for a late night car ride? For many new parents, there is only one guaranteed solution to putting their baby down at the end of the day – a night-time drive that soothes, calms and eventually helps little one nod off.

Ford set out to create a solution for sleepless parents by developing the Max Motor Dreams, a one of a kind sleep cot concept that comes to life using a smartphone app. The innovative cot simulates the exact driving experience that soothes babies to sleep in seconds, in the comfort of your own home – the motion, the engine noise and even the street lighting! Using the smartphone app, parents could record their baby’s favourite route and the cot can reproduce the comforting movement, lights and sounds of that particular journey.

Watch baby’s first Ford in action here!

For now, the clever cot is a one-off pilot concept. Would you purchase a production model?


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